With decades of experience, First City Crew is the only local's band bringing you vintage rock, country, and blues right here on the Monterey Peninsula.


Ranging from Otis Redding to The Beatles, First City Crew’s feet tappin’ classics are fit for your next special event, birthday, winery event, or holiday party.

Taking you back to the good ol’ days, one hit at a time.



The crew is composed of Scott Rudoni, Frank Lucido Jr., Bill Kucher, Michael Brautovich, and Jimmy Riggio.


Frank Lucido Jr.

Frank has been playing around Monterey for almost 40 years, performing original compositions and cover songs as both a solo artist and with various rock bands. Beginning his musical endeavours in the late 60s, first playing drums and bass, Frank picked up his first guitar in 1978 as he was inspired by the singer-songwriters of the decade. Throughout the 80s to mid-90s, Frank joined up with several bands and talents before shifting his focus to a solo career. By this time he was also playing keyboard and mandolin, and was recording his original tracks. After 20 years, he jumped back into the rock landscape by singing and playing bass, guitar and mandolin with local groups; eventually co-founding First City Crew.


Scott Rudoni

Scott grew up playing instruments. He first started with drums and piano. He then took up the trumpet, having the privilege to play under Herb Miller. Continuing to play trumpet into college, he eventually hawked it for a guitar and has been plucking away ever since. During his career as a school teacher, Scott remained musically active and incorporated music into lesson plans whenever possible! He enjoyed teaching students that learning can be fun, with the aid of singing and guitar picking, and is proud to know several of his students went on to become professional musicians. Now retired, Scott has been fulfilling his desire to continue his musical career, playing in the local scene with his friends.


Jimmy Riggio

Jimmy’s musical career has brought him far and wide, now playing keyboard for First City Crew.


Michael Brautovich

Michael’s musical journey started at age eight, playing violin. Still at a young age, after seeing a family friend play saxophone, he learned to play the instrument and was hooked. He also took up clarinet, flute and guitar, but saxophone remained his preferred choice. In addition to soprano, he also learned alto, baritone and tenor saxophones. Influenced by the jazz masters, Michael achieved a level of skill in high school to make it into the Monterey Jazz Festival with his ensemble. He continued his music education in college, and has regularly performed with various local talents, across a variety of genres and venues. He’s now the featured wind instrumentalist with First City Crew.


Bill Kucher

Bill has been playing drums since a young age. His semi-professional music life began in high school when he and some buddies formed a band that continued performing into their college years. During his career as an elementary school teacher, Bill continued to perform throughout Monterey, Santa Cruz and the Bay Area in a duo act. He has continued to play drums and percussion with local groups over the past three decades, and is now enjoying playing new and familiar tunes with First City Crew.